FAIR & FIRM Therapy Retreat

Women play so many roles in their adult lives. It is sometimes difficult to remember who SELF is in the midst of being a partner in a relationship, a mother, an employee/employer, a friend, a daughter, a committee member/leader, and other roles we play. Perhaps, in addition to your many other roles you are a caretaker for a family member. There truly are a limited number of hours in a day. For women, very few of those hours are preciously appointed to the
care of SELF.


In fact, SELF is often so overlooked for so long, that I often hear women lament, “I take care of so many other people, I don’t have time for me,” or “It seems as though I’ve lost myself,” or “I don’t even know who I am anymore.” This can give way to feelings of anger, resentment, or despair. The demands of doing all that is on one’s to-do list can lead to symptoms of anxiety and depression. Women often say they feel they are in constant turmoil, experiencing guilt no matter what they are doing in the moment. Finding and maintaining balance is, in reality, “easier said than done.”

Using a variety of therapies, the goals of the Becoming My Best Authentic Fair & Firm Retreat include:

  • learning and identifying ways in which your authentic self has become muted
  • identifying areas of shame to address in becoming your healthiest authentic self
  • learning the importance of the thoughts, feelings, behavior triangle in order that you validate your healthiest authentic self in your daily life
  • identifying what is meaningful to you in terms of your authentic self in your present life
  • considering what aspects of your authentic self you would like to develop over time
  • realizing the essential roles consistently good nutrition and physical exercise play in your life
  • learning and utilizing breathing skills, relaxation tools, mindfulness skills, and visualization as tools to remain active in recovery and healing from addictions
  • becoming familiar with healthy communication skills that will aide in the promotion of you living in accordance with your healthy authentic self
  • learning boundary-setting skills to support your living according to your authentic self-values
  • learning time management tools to help ease the stress and tension associated with having many roles to fulfill in any given day
  • experiencing validation by self and from others throughout the retreat experience
  • allowing yourself to enjoy time for reflection, self-nurturing and the gifts of physical massage by a licensed massage therapy during the retreat
  • developing a plan to help increase your sense of mastery, fulfillment and peace of mind upon your return home
  • remaining true to your physical and emotional authentic self on a daily basis
  • and MORE…